Strength, Hope, Courage

Wishing you strength for each new day,
hope to hold onto in difficult times, and
encouragement with every sign of
progress you make.

 Events - 2016

 Public meetings


 30 January

 12 March

 23 April

 11 June 

 23 July

 (Birthday Party)

 10 September

 22 October

 26 November 

 (Year End Party)


 9:30am for 10am


 Netcare Head Office


 76 Maude Street

 Cnr West Street




Welcome, to the Wings of Hope cancer support group.

You are not alone, you have come to the right place for support, information and understanding and courage. Wings of Hope is here for anyone affected by breast cancer. We bring people together and provide information and support.

Aims and Objectives

For women to meet other women who have had a similar experience of breast cancer.

To provide support, help and friendship and comfort of knowing one is not alone.

Our Expectation for the Group

To offer a focal point of contact to those women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Clearly women may not wish to attend the group immediately. However, it may be of comfort for them to be aware of the existence of the support group should they wish to meet other women who have had a similar experience.

To offer continuing help and support and to encourage existing members to welcome new women into the group.

Expectation of Group Members

Group members meet in a safe, informal environment.

All confidences will be seen as valuable and treated as confidential and not discussed outside the group.

To avoid confusion and feelings of apprehension, group members will be made aware that there are many different treatments for cancer. Therefore their treatment may well be different from other members.

The group functions as an informal open structure and members have the option to attend meetings as they wish. Members may attend when they feel the need for support.

All new and existing members will feel welcomed and valued. There will be no pressure upon anybody to join in discussions or to give their opinion. It is hoped that all members will feel their presence is equally valued.

All aspects of cancer treatment and symptom management will be open for discussion and NOT avoided.





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