I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram on the 8th August 2007.

As a result, I had a lumpectomy in the September followed by 6 months of Adriamycin chemo, commonly known as the Red Devil. Just as my hair started to grow back I had 32 cycles of Radiotherapy.

Before I knew it was May of the following year and I started my 13 x every three weeks of Herceptin treatment as my particular breast cancer was HER2+. As a result of cardiomyopathy, I took a break from treatment and once my heart improved, which it did, I went back to complete the Herceptin.

So it was certainly not a 100-yard dash – rather an ultra marathon in my case – but during this period I travelled overseas twice, joined an amazing breast cancer support group, made new friends and discovered that “Life is good” and every day is a blessing to be embraced to the fullest.