I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October 2003.

I felt a little lump just behind my nipple. I did not worry about it as I thought this happens at this stage and age (53 years old). Spoke to a friend who said I Must go and see about it. Went to my GP who then sent me for a mammogram (it was my first mammo as I thought breast cancer would Never affect me!)The mammo said it is benign but said I should come back in a year. I had a funny feeling and went to see a surgeon who said I have breast cancer without doing a biopsy or any tests! Again I had a funny feeling and thank goodness a friend made an appointment for me to see a breast surgeon. I felt very happy with her and then all the tests began. It came back positive and then was sent to a reconstructive surgeon to discuss immediate reconstruction. I went in to have my mastectomy on the 29th October.

The day I was about to leave I met Cheryl Westoby who was coming in for her reconstruction. We became friends and phoned each other and helped each other through our journey. I then started supporting ladies over the phone via my doctor. It was hard in the beginning but it actually helped me by taking my problem away and helping others. I was fortunate enough not to have chemo but was put onto Famara for 5 years. I made So many Great friends over the phone and we decided to meet now and then for coffee.

I have been a part of a support group for many years but now recently we formed our own group Wings of Hope.

In the past few months we have grown from strength to strength and doing what we love! Caring for the patient and their family! I do believe a lady needs to speak to a survivor just to help her mentally and to have Hope and Faith that this is not the end!!


21 May, 2013