I’m Ingrid, 57 years old and am recovering from breast cancer. I was diagnosed in June 2015 and the worst for me and my husband was the paralysing fear when waiting for diagnosis and not knowing what to expect.

I still feel very fortunate and blessed that my cancer was found early. Just one lump in one breast which had spread to a lymph node in my armpit. I had six months chemo (which wasn’t as awful as I expected, one has ups and downs) followed by a lumpectomy with lymph nodes removed and both breasts reduced and reconstructed. Six weeks radiation after that which also was totally manageable. I’m having three weekly herceptin drips until October and then follow up CT scans and whatnot.

I joined Wings of Hope after my first chemo and the support my husband and I received was very uplifting. So many wonderful people to help me with all my questions and enable me to charge ahead with a very positive attitude and belief in my recovery.

I was overwhelmed by the kindness of people sometimes from the most unexpected sources! I really have learnt a lot and made the most wonderful genuine chemo friends who will be friends for life.

There are some times when the fear lurks but I am learning to treasure today and appreciate how lucky I am and how much I love my life!