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Wings of Hope Cancer Support is a Non-Profit Organisation initiated by mainly breast cancer survivors in 2012, who not only have undergone their own journey with cancer but have been trained in breast cancer support as well.

Wings of Hope Cancer Support is a caring group of women and men who understand the unique effects that being diagnosed with cancer may have on an individual both physically and emotionally. We have the ability to reach out to both men and women as we have been touched by the disease ourselves and have a heartfelt empathy with the patient. In fact, many amazing friendships have been formed and a strong bond has developed among the support group and new and old comers are welcomed with open arms.


Our support group is available to provide guidance on the best platform that works for you. The needs of the individual are assessed according to their requirements. In order to facilitate this readily, we have supporters strategically placed in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. With technology, we can provide support globally.

What we do

Public Meetings

These are informal in relaxing surroundings over a cup of tea or coffee. We’ve had visiting speakers and these have included Breast Cancer Surgeons, a Lead Cancer Nurse, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Reflexologists, Dentists and many more.

Hospital Visits

The committee and friends do direct visits to patients in hospitals. These visits are done to already admitted patients having surgery or treatment. A small gift and word of encouragement is given by the committee. This is extremely rewarding. Our patients in oncology centres are being supported on a regular basis and we are enjoying the tremendous response.

Telephonic Support

The initial from of contact form our group is telephonic. The needs of the individual are then assessed according to their needs. In order to facilitate this readily, we have supporters strategically placed all over town.

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