Janine Neves

October is Breast cancer Awareness Month

Today my status goes out to the Breastcancer survivors… Those who are still busy fighting this dreaded disease that has entered so many of our lives, affected our families, friends and kids I used to think that everything would go back to normal after treatment… I couldn’t have been more wrong… I don’t even know what normal is anymore… Cancer has changed me.. Physically, emotionally and mentally…I didn’t have time to have cancer with a toddler and a 4yr old… A full-time job and carrying on as both mom and wife were very important to me, and so I continued to do my daily duties and going into the office while being on chemotherapy… This kept some sort of normality in my family’s lives.. But it hasn’t all been bad… Looking back on my journey with cancer thus far, I have felt a huge spectrum of emotions and they have been part of my unique way of coping.. There is no set path or correct way.. I’d say be true and kind to yourself there’s really no benefit to having ridiculous expectations or giving yourself a hard time…

My motto is… “It is what it is”…

I didn’t let cancer devour me.. Instead it IGNITED SOMETHING SO POWERFUL IN ME that it compelled me to find out how to live a much healthier life and share my experience with others

And finally, I learnt that I count and that it’s okay to treat myself as well as others.. I learnt that waiting for the right time to do things, might never happen… My advice is if you really want to do something.. Do it! Do it now! Life is too short to wait… Wings of Hope Cancer Support

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